Oh the Bear . . .

Which, for those of you familiar with Danny Kaye is said like “Oh the Doge . . .”

Bear had quite a week.  His birthday was Thursday, and he had a concert this weekend with the Scottish Fiddling group he’s been playing with.  (He plays cello but it still fits in with fiddlers)(really)(…)

He (We) also had been invited to a party at the home of some very good friends.  Friends who are moving down to Long Beach.  Whose parties we’ve been missing due to one thing and another but who keep inviting us anyway (They’re VERY nice people)

So our week went along as it so often does, my checking in every day or so – how’s the week, anything exploded yet?  This is because he’s likely to come home and pack for a red-eye and tell me as he’s rushing out to the limo.

No crisis loomed, the week seemed to be pretty under control.  For my part, I made sure I didn’t have any patients in the evening that would interfere with our getting to our friends’ in a timely fashion.

All that changed Saturday morning when my Best Beloved FINALLY opened his emails and discovered his concert was SATURDAY – all day Saturday, wouldn’t be getting back until midnight or later.

Oh happy days. 

I have memorialised this week using the wonderful art of Allie Brosh and her classic post about reporting pain levels to a doctor: Boyfriend Doesn’t Have Ebola. Probably.

Enjoy the trainwreck of my week and go check out Allie’s blog, she’s quite talented and a little twisted.

Bear's Week: The Beginning


Bear's Week: The End


  • Ouch! You couldn’t make it up. I can totally relate – there have been times when I have taken great pains to make sure there were no loopholes, but the Universe found them. Here’s an Astrological guide to managing your affairs: Aries – while you are living in the now, have someone else check your calendar and emails. Taurus – you’re good at managing others, especially those born under Aries, but make sure you pamper yourself too. Gemini – busy busy busy! Your’re good at relaying information, but need to check out your feelings and listen more. Cancer – You’re the opposite of Gemini, always focussed on emotions, try and cool things with a little small talk. Leo – your world is all-important, but sometimes you need to go to someone else’s party. Virgo – you leave no stone unturned, but you can’t calculate for someone else’s subconscious. Libra – don’t give all your power away, keep something for yourself. Scorpio – you will do what you want to do, it’s no good me trying to tell you anything! Sagittarius – you might feel you have a hang of the whole picture, but then a Virgo may come along and point out a detail you’ve missed. Capricorn – You are good at organizing, but try not to get uptight if things don’t go to plan. Aquarius – You will try and wing it on your intuition, but sometimes the unexpected surprises even you. And Pisces – You just have to surrender to the Universe, just keep an eye on where you want to go.
    Thanks for pointing me to Allie’s original works! Love Lana

  • Topsy Teri ;) wrote:

    What a conflict, half cringe and half wanting to laugh out loud at the drawings! This time probably doesn’t hold much sway in your life anymore, so hope you won’t mind my smiling.

  • diamoonwillow wrote:

    I’m glad to engender smiles – and this was funny even through the cringes (although sadly I’m not sure the nice people ever fully forgave us…)

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