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Purple Hair

Yes I did! Because it’s really a cherry cola with blue mixed in, the main effect is a warm red-brown, but the greys (and there are some!) are a lovely purple. I couldn’t be happier. Admittedly it’s not down to my tuckus yet, but I’m starting to feel more and more like myself and less […]

Doctor Doctor

When someone has worked hard enough (whether you personally feel they have worked hard enough aside) to earn an advanced degree, they have also earned the right to be addressed as having done so. ESPECIALLY when being addressed formally. If you want to address the person as a part of a couple and you DON’T […]


My Bear and I put these prayer flags up the other day. The ratty string you see hanging down on the right forefront of the first photo is the medicine Buddha set he hung up when I first got my diagnosis. Now we’ve put these sets up to celebrate health and generate merit for all […]

Oh the Bear . . .

Which, for those of you familiar with Danny Kaye is said like “Oh the Doge . . .” Bear had quite a week.  His birthday was Thursday, and he had a concert this weekend with the Scottish Fiddling group he’s been playing with.  (He plays cello but it still fits in with fiddlers)(really)(…) He (We) […]

I hate Pit Bulls (or the stress of a dog walk)

And now, the owner of every well-bred, well-mannered and trained pit bull hates me.  So before y’all start flaming me, let me explain. Going for a walk with any of my dogs becomes a stress-inducing exercise because so many dogs are out of control.  But hands down, the worst is coming up on a pit […]

What? Another Blog?

Yes, another blog.  This is by way of being a very private blog, one I may or may not share entries from.  One I may use as a writing place for articles for my other blogs, or then again I may not.  But it’s mine, the blog of a private person – not the public […]