Purple Hair

Yes I did!

Because it’s really a cherry cola with blue mixed in, the main effect is a warm red-brown, but the greys (and there are some!) are a lovely purple. I couldn’t be happier. Admittedly it’s not down to my tuckus yet, but I’m starting to feel more and more like myself and less and less like, well, not myself.

I went to a new hairdresser today, a lovely man named Samir, and he not only coloured, but very slightly trimmed my growth just to even out the ends and give it some much needed direction. Then he TRIED to blow it straight. But it’s still so FRESH and NEW that it resisted his attempts and the most he could do was get it tamed. It feels wonderful, even though I know it will be back to crazy curls tomorrow, to have swingy, loose hair rather than a mass of tight curls. But there’s hope for it – the growth is ALMOST at the tipping point where it’s long enough to begin to straighten itself out. I figure that’s about a month away.

If there’s one thing I’ve ALWAYS believed, it’s that we owe it to ourselves to be our own person (people?). So I always did – but something happened, with taking on responsibilities at the school and the operating my own business, I somehow began to feel constrained. The pressure to present a certain type of “face” really became overwhelming and, although I’m not proud of it, I caved.

Actually, despite our often contentious relationship, my Mum supported my individuality. But when she married Ed she became much more conservative*. And as their marriage dragged went on, she closed down and disappeared. I think having her do such a strong about-face shook me, in ways I’m only beginning to uncover (having just had a LOT of introspective time on my hands…).  So maybe I didn’t so much cave to external pressure, I caved to the loss of support from my one family member**.

About that same time I started performing weddings. I felt a tremendous burden to blend in. So I stopped colouring my hair and toned down everything about my ‘self’ lest I stand out and interrupt the flow and joy of the couples’ day.  Then the transition to an administration position at the school and then the burden (and joy) or being a small business person. And somewhere in all that, although I was still myself there were small joys that I no longer felt I should engage in***.

After all I’ve been through in the past few years (beginning with mystery anaemia, through caring for my Mum and on to cancer) I feel it’s time to fully get back to the who I am of myself. And now I have the bestest most supportive family in the world – my Bear! He’s always encouraging me, wanting me to be happy and myself. I thank all there is every day that he and I crossed paths.

And now, I have purple hair!

*Even warning me not to colour my hair before THEIR wedding as I was to be the maid of honour and Ed wouldn’t want me to have purple hair in the photos (I’ve had a LOT of purple hair in my lifetime).

**Our family was never large – Me, Mum & Dad – but after they split it was just Mum & I for YEARS. She wasn’t a social animal, her nieces and nephews are all in the Midwest or South so it was just she & I. Losing her support meant I had NO ONE to turn to.

***The message from Ed obviously came through loud & clear – I should grow up and act my age. This must be why I have a photo of my beloved Uncle Ben in my office – to offset the Ed negativity.


  • Topsy Teri ;) wrote:

    *chuckle* Okay, we need a picture, please.

    I always liked warming my hair color up a little more red than normal but it would always shock me a little when it got too red. Now, I’ve just let it go natural. I’m not willing to put up with the mess of doing it myself anymore and can’t afford to have someone else do it for me, at like $120 per application.

  • Topsy Teri ;) wrote:

    Happy New Year to you and yours, Dia!

  • Sarah Berry wrote:

    I like to maintain my ‘brunette’ hair and can’t abide the grey. Too much a coward for real colour however. Congrats dear Dia on your joyousness, and becoming yourself again. Love Sarah

  • diamoonwillow wrote:

    Teri –

    Happy New Year to you & yours as well.

    I lucked in to this guy who’s got busy salons and other businesses and LOVES to “do” hair, so he charges very reasonable prices. It was under $100 to do the colour, trim and blow dry – unheard of! AND he did a great job with each!

    Sarah –

    At a certain age, one can add blue or lavender and the world just says to itself “poor dear, used too much bluing again” so you have THAT you can try! The cherry-cola is a little harder to pass off as a bad day with the bluing bottle, but inside my hair just looks coloured (or painted as Latinos refer to it) so it’s pretty subtle. <-- that was by way of a loving nudge. Of course, I live in Los Angeles and you live in the UK, which is both more and less tolerant so...

  • Topsy Teri ;) wrote:

    Had to chuckle at the idea of a ‘bad day with the bluing bottle’, Dia!

    DH has 3 in-law females, ages 24 to 50, that are changing their hair color all the time. Because of that I should be fine with it all, and I have considered going in the blonde direction, but I really did get tired of turning my shower curtain orange. Wish there was a better way!

  • NORA/Sleeps wrote:


    Congrats on returning home. Purple haze. I am saddened to hear about the lack of support from your mother. Hoping that will change. Sounds like you have been through a lot. Come away stronger.

    I am currently thinking like you and wanting to return to myself which essentially means going back to the 80’s. Yes, I was actually more myself then. Before all the K-rap hit the fan and took its toll. So, my journey will lead me back yet take me forward.

    I too would like to see the new you.

    Hugs, Nora

  • Bravo, Dia!

    I always think it is a good sign in a relationship when you can be natural.

    I used to wear purple from my early 20s, so when I see that poem “When I am old I will wear purple” it seems absurd.



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